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We are here to expertly advance your claim through the civil justice system. Our job is to put the most money we can into your pocket in the shortest possible time. None of my clients ever received too much money. They all deserve more for what they have and continue to endure. No one ever really knows exactly what another person goes through, but it is one of my jobs to make the damage you suffer from another’s fault to be visible, vivid, and understandable so reasonable compensation under the circumstances may be obtained.

Promptness is only behind quality on our priority list.

Fees on injury cases are contingency fees, meaning there is no fee until your case is successfully concluded. Also, I advance the necessary case expenses and am repaid when your case is successful. The more complex the fact situation of your injury, the more important that you get started documenting the facts which prove fault on those who hurt you. Perhaps a governmental organization has conducted an investigation, but seldom with legal fault as its purpose. In motor vehicle crashes, the police report is hearsay and not admissible in court, but can lead to real evidence, like a vehicle’s “black box”. Come in for a free confidential consultation and talk this through with me so that you do not lose valuable evidence through the passing of time.

Many cases, particularly against a governmental agency, have a 180 day limitation, requiring a Tort Claim Notice to the wrongdoing agency. DO NOT rely on the normal two year limit for bringing a claim. As in all important matters, assume nothing, protect yourself.